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Sources Used

Sources used to develop this web siteThe Early Church Fathers, the very first Christians, that lived from A.D. 100 to A.D. 787.


The Faith of Catholics


A good portion of this web site was put together using a set of three PDF files from a book complied by three priests and revised by another: The Faith of Catholics.

The Faith of Catholics

Confirmed by Scripture and attested by the Fathers of the first five centuries of the Church.

Complied by Reverends Joseph Berington and Joseph Kirk

Revised and recast by Reverend James Waterworth

With Preface, Corrections and Additions
by Right Reverend Monsignor Thomas John Capel D.D.

Fifth revised and enlarged edition.

Frederick Pustet and Company

Printers to the Holy Apostolic See and Sacred Congregation of Rites
Copyright May 1, 1910

The only downside is that many of the quotes use an Old English or Gothic style of English. If you have a hard time understanding English you may find reading some of the quotes difficult.


Nevertheless, I thought it was important to keep the original quoted phrase or paragraph(s), as is. The only time I edited anything from these PDF books was when a portion of the quoted paragraph was incomprehensible. My thanks and appreciation go to my Heavenly team of Priestly Book smith's:

    • Father Joseph Berington
    • Father Joseph Kirk
    • Father Thomas John Capel and
    • Father James Waterworth




Download the PDF's today!


The writings of the Early Church Fathers are those the Church wishes to share with everyone:
non-Catholic Christian and non-Christian alike. For that reason, you are more than welcome to download all three PDF's to review and read. Discover what many practicing Catholics and I have discovered today. It's our heritage and Jesus wants it to be yours as well.


Just click on each link below and save each one to your local P.C.



Sebastian R. Fama of


When I was looking for other patristic quotes to fill in what was missing from the above source,
I came across Sebastian Fama's site Some of the prefaced text he wrote to the cited patristic quotes were very well done.


Because I didn't want people to think that I had written this, I wanted to give due credit to the author of this text.


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